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Special COVID-19 Options

Explore different ways to dance with TDC during COVID-19 

In-Studio: Full Commitment

Option 1

In-Studio: Full Commitment

This is the 2020/2021 TDC season as originally planned. A non-refundable tuition deposit of $249 is due when you register for classes. You have the option to choose your Pricing Plan (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual) with a commitment through June 2021.

In-Studio: Limited Commitment

Option 2

In-Studio: Limited Commitment

This is the 2020/2021 TDC season as originally planned, but with less commitment. For a non-refundable registration fee of $49, register for your classes as usual and pay monthly. You may withdraw from the program with 10 days written notice prior to the next billing cycle. If your situation changes, you can switch to Option 1 at any time.


Note: With this option, no other discounts may be applied. 

Option 3

Private / Pod Classes

Still not sure about returning to classes full time? Get a feel for the new COVID-19 guidelines by booking a 30-minute private lesson or pod class (with up to 3 dancers of your choosing) for only $19. If you prefer a private/pod and wish to continue with this option for the season, set up a regular private/pod class based on our regular rates. You may always opt into Option 1 or 2 if you start to feel more comfortable returning to regular classes.

Private/Pod Classes

Option 4


Our First Steps Stay-at-Home program, designed for students under 8, includes two 10-minute videos loaded into a Google Classroom weekly for dancers to enjoy whenever is convenient in your household. There will also be a weekly 20-minute Zoom session with a faculty member to reinforce those lessons and help progress your dancer.


Regular pricing applies — can be full- or limited-commitment with Option 1 or 2 described above.

For students aged 8 to 18, the Stay-at-Home program will be live-streamed classes from our regular schedule. Prior to their first lesson, your dancer will have a 20-minute consultation with a faculty member to address camera/video issues and to make sure we are aware of space limitations to ensure your dancers’ safety. A 20-minute consultation will be held every 4 weeks to ensure your dancer is still on track to achieve their goals. Additional 20-minute sessions may be scheduled for $15 each.


Regular pricing applies - can be full- or limited-commitment with Option 1 or 2 described above. 

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Want to participate in our Live-Streamed Adult Classes, but need flexibility in scheduling? 

Get Unlimited Access to our Google Drive Archive! New sessions of Ballet, Jazz, Yoga, Hip-Hop, and Dance Fitness will be uploaded every Sunday and be available for 2 weeks. Get 4 weeks of access for only $75.

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